Premium Funding

In addition to our traditional payment options, we can assist in securing Premium Funding, a short term loan that allows you to pay your insurance premiums and associated charges on a monthly facility arrangement over an agreed period (typically 6-12 months) with a specialist funder.  The benefits of Premium Funding includes:

  • Smooths cash flow by paying your premiums in instalments;
  • Fast, simple application process – you typically get approval within 24 hours;
  • Ability to make additions to existing loans or renew policies without the need for additional paperwork;
  • Flexibility of structuring the loan including upfront deposit, split settlements and payment options;
  • Interest rates are fixed so you are protected from interest rate fluctuations;
  • No ongoing loan service fees;
  • Interest charges on premium funding transactions are generally tax deductible;
  • No additional security or company charges required;
  • Retain working capital within your business; and
  • Payment via direct debit from your bank account or credit card.